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How to ward off mosquitoes this summer

ward off mosquitoes

Summers have set in and so have mosquitoes — small bite, big threat from these winged creatures which spread dengue and malaria. Here are some ways to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Neem oil: Rub some neem oil mixed with equal quantity of coconut oil to ward off mosquitoes for eight hours.

Camphor: Lighting camphor in a closed room for around twenty minutes can ward off mosquitoes.

Tulsi: A tulsi plant near your window will prevent breeding of mosquitoes and also keep them away.

Garlic: Boil garlic and spray the water in your room (or on yourself if you can bear the smell) to keep it mosquito-free.

Tea tree oil: Use a vapouriser with this oil to drive away mosquitoes.

Lavender: This not only smells great but keeps away mosquitoes too. Spritz it in your room or apply a few drops of this oil mixed with a cream on your body.

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