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How to get rid of dark elbows

dark elbows

Dark elbows are always a cause of worry for those who do not know how to lighten the skin around the area. However, it is not a difficult task at all. All you need to do at home is ensure that you are constantly caring for it. Here are a few treatments that you can follow.

Cucumber and papaya paste

This works wonders. Most beauticians recommend using a combination of cucumber and papaya paste on your elbows at least once or twice during the week, depending on how dark your elbows are.

Honey and chandan

You can try using a mix of honey and chandan (sandalwood) at least once in two weeks to keep your elbows clear and healthy. This mix will make sure that it keeps dead skin cells away from your elbows by exfoliating the area and also nourishing it.

Besan (gramflour) and yogurt

For those who would like to do a daily treatment on their elbows, choose a mix of besan and curd and apply it on the area for a good half an hour. You will notice that within a few days your skin around the elbows have become much clearer and the area also looks healthy and moisturised.

Stay hydrated

Though it may seem strange, but body parts mostly dry out when you do not have enough water. H2O keeps your body nourished and also helps retain the moisture in your skin.

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