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Bedroom decor for newly marrieds

Bedroom decor

Experts from H5 Designs provide helpful tips on the interiors of a couple’s bedroom.

– Choose a neutral base palette for the walls to later add colour with accessories of your choice.
– Use light pastel shades of any colour. They are not too dominating yet add a warm and cool feeling at the same time.
– Avoid blaring loud colours like red or shocking pink on the walls of the bedroom. These can be added in moderation with accessories or furnishings on a neutral colour palette as well.
– Beiges, browns and wood shades teamed with white or cream is the most popular and subtle colour combination for master bedrooms of all ages.
– Pale blue, aqua, peach, lavender, ocean green, corn yellow are a few good colours for a newlywed’s room.

Lighting is the most crucial yet often a neglected aspect of design. With the right layers, function and mood lighting can be achieved easily.

Lighting tips
– Nothing beats natural light. Sunlight helps refresh the room and is also good for mental well-being.

– Invest in a dimmer for setting light at the right intensity for every mood. It also helps with energy saving.

– Decorative lighting in the form of lamps, wall lights and chandeliers can add an unexpected texture in the ambience.

Vaastu suggestions

– Avoid a couple room in the South-East of the house. This is the fire zone and can result in illness or fights between the couple.

– South or South-West are the most preferred directions for a couple room. North-West can also be an option.

– A bed with the head towards south or east is ideal for a couple’s bedroom.

– Reflection in mirrors while sleeping must be avoided. It can result in ill-health.
– Put an amethyst stone beside the bed to enhance the relationship.

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