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How to get bee-stung lips naturally

bee-stung lips

Want to get fuller lips without using lip venoms or painful fillers? Here are few natural ways to achieve them.

-Head to the pantry and use some cinnamon! Mix a teaspoon of sugar, cinnamon and coconut oil and make a paste to form an exfoliating scrub. Once you apply it on your lips, let it dry for two minutes before you rinse it off with warm water. Though it will tingle, at first, eventually, it will give your lips a fuller look, as it acts as a plumping agent.

-Highlight your lips smartly to give them the illusion of being fuller. Use a shimmery highlighter on the centre of the bottom lip and along the v-shape area of the upper lip. This will reflect light on the lips and will make them look plumper.

-Avoid going in for darker shades of lip colours, since they absorb more light, which makes your lips look smaller. If you want to go for a bold shade like red, go for a hue that is brighter instead of a darker shade in the same colour.

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