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How salt scrubs leave you with fresh, glowing skin

salt scrubs

It was said to be Queen of the Nile’s bathing ritual. And most people till today swear by the abrasive benefits of a salt scrub. It can buff away dead skin and add a glow to it. Brides include it in their run-up-to-the-big-day regimen and there is every reason why you should also make it your weekend go-to skin fix.

How it helps

Salt scrubs have multifold benefits. Not only do they exfoliate dead cells to leave the skin looking soft but there is little that compares to a nice warm soak in a tub with salts. It can ease muscular tension and stress and removes joint aches, too. The National Psoriasis Association also vouches for scrubs to help in removing skin itchiness caused by serious skin woes like eczema, athlete’s foot. A massage works to boost circulation and sea salts also help draw out toxins from the body, leaving it refreshed.

Two ways to use it

– You can also rub bath salt over feet, knees, or elbows, with a damp washcloth. Always rinse and wash the exfoliated areas thoroughly.
– The general way to use them is to fill a hot tub or bath with warm water. Take a handful of salt and add this to the water. It releases the aroma in the water as it mixes with it. Stir well before you get into the water.

How often to try this

Largely, salt scrubs should be used less often as compared to sugar scrubs as frequent use can cause skin irritation and in some extremely sensitive cases, skin rashes and abrasions. “It is recommended to use a salt scrub ritual once a week for most people, says spa expert Bhavna Vohra.

Safe for all skin type?

Not all the salts available can be used on the skin. Find one that suits your skin type. Most salts are safe to use but if you have sensitive skin, check with the dermatologist, before applying. The salts should also be pure and made from real sea salt and should be applied in gentle, circular motions. “Different combinations of salts, minerals and oils can be created to address almost every skin type. However, those with extremely sensitive skin should indulge in sea salt scrubs with proper consultation and under expert supervision,” she cautions.

Ideal for the weather

With the warmer weather around the corner, it becomes even more imperative to use a scrub on the skin. “Summer is when the skin accumulates more bacteria owing to increased perspiration. A salt scrub or even or lime-coconut-sugar scrub helps exfoliate the skin and keep it healthy. You can also use delicate epsom crystals on the face. A nice morning-pick-me-up in hot weather is a scrub made of coffee grounds and herbal essences or fresh mint, black tea and salt. But do this just once a week as over exfoliation may cause inflammation and rashes,” warns skin expert Lalita Shah.

Make your own Lavender salt cup

-Take a cup of coarse sea salt.

-Add ½ a cup of grapeseed oil or even coconut oil to this. Stir it and set aside.

-Now add 2 tablespoons of dried lavender and 20 drops of lavender essential oil.
-Mix and store in an airtight jar.

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