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Hooda Senior Congress Leader of Haryana Rebelling

Post Article 370 Reactions


Hooda, Bhupinder Singh Hooda, former Chief Minister of Haryana and senior congress leader has stated leaving the party. While speaking at the Mahaparivartan rally organised in Rohtak he expressed his dissent. After the abrogation of Article 370, the congress party did not support government decision. Citing public view many congress leaders comes up in support of government decision. But later after CWC (Congress Working Committee) meeting, they passed circular of not supporting the government. But the national mood is completely against what Congress party is saying.

Haryana is going to witness its assembly election next month. And because of the same reason, Hooda speaking in the rally stated that his party has lost its way. I am a patriotic person and I totally support Narendra Modi government on abrogation of Article 370.
Moreover, he also stated that the Congress party has not remained the same that it used to be.

What he exactly stated in the rally was

“When the government does something right, I support it. Many of my colleagues opposed the decision to abrogate Article 370 (of the Constitution)… Our brothers are deployed as soldiers in Kashmir and hence, I support it.
“I was born in a patriotic family. Those who oppose (abrogation of Article 370), I want to tell them ‘usulon par jahan aanch aaye, vahan takrana zaruri hai. Jo zinda hai to zinda dikhna zaruri hai”

Before the rally, many were expecting that he may announce the making of the new party but no one expected it. Now that election is around the corner it will be really interesting to see where Hooda bend.s

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