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Here’s how to decorate your house this season

decorate your house this season

Does the monsoon season mean dull-looking and smelly home for you? Here are some home decor tips to keep your home monsoon-friendly… monsoon-friendly…

Take care of the wet floor

Opt for coir mats in neutral colors. The mat will absorb the water and mud that you and guests bring from outside. According to Anisha Patel, an interior designer, “Bamboo, jute, and moistureresistant carpets are ideal for the monsoon.”

Opt for lacy curtains

Opt for white, lacy curtains that are lightweight. This will allow fresh air to come into your house. What’s more, sunlight, which is lesser and dim during the rainy season, will also easily shine in.

Scented candles work well

Scented candles work like magic in this season. Rain, dampness and moisture play havoc indoors, giving rise to bad smell. Scented oils and candles are the best options to keep the air fresh.

Use bright cushion covers

Choose cushion covers and bedsheets in bright colours to liven up your room. The fabrics should be light and pleasing to the eye. Lighter fabrics also mean that you can quickly wash and dry them. Rishit Shah, an interior designer says, “You get a lot of cotton and silk fabrics from which you can make cushion covers and bedsheets for your home.Cotton fabrics dry easily in the rains and they don’t smell like other fabrics from the moisture or damp smell.”

Keep furniture dry

Take extra care of your furniture. Invest in slipcovers for your furniture, try and keep the areas as dry as possible.

Outdoor furniture

There is a variety of outdoor furniture available for the monsoon. You can buy it if you have a garden or a terrace apartment.

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