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Hair plopping: the heat-free way to get natural curls

Hair plopping

Want to get salon-like wavy locks without using a curling iron? Try hair plopping -a simple tress technique that gives you defined curls without any styling tools

While getting a blow-dry from a professional salon is a sure-shot way to ensure gorgeous-looking hair, sometimes, there isn’t enough time for that and wash-and-go is your only option. For working women, hair plopping or plunking is the latest beauty hack, to achieve natural-looking curls, minus the fuss of heat styling products. Because of high levels of humidity during this season, hair tends to get frizzier. If you want to style your curls at home, this technique is a great alternative.


Hairstylist Sneha Parekh explains the procedure, “It involves wrapping wet hair in a soft cotton T-shirt or a special microfibre towel and letting it dry. It gives you curls that stay intact, prevents hair from excessive frizzing and boosts volume. One advantage of this technique is that when you set your curls on the top of your head instead of the side, it makes the hair bouncier.”


Don’t wash your hair every day: When you do so, you’re actually stripping it of its natural oils, resulting in dry and frizzy hair. Curly hair requires a lot more moisture than straight hair. So, wash your hair two to four times a week.

Find the right shampoo and conditioner: The type of shampoo and conditioner you use has a big impact on your mane. Curly hair requires hydration, so choose a conditioner that has restorative properties.

Detangle your hair after each wash: Use a detangling spray on knots and carefully work through them with your fingers or a wide toothed comb. Do not use a normal comb since it will straighten your hair, eventually making your curls disappear.


Wash and condition your hair. Apply a styling mousse, cream or gel.

Spread the T-shirt (preferable a long-sleeved one) that you are going to use to wrap on your head on a flat surface (for example, a chair), with the sleeves on the end closer to you. Then, bend over and place your head against the surface, positioning all the hair on it so that the curls are concentrated on the crown.

Take the portion of cloth that is behind your head and flip it up over your neck. Tie the long sleeves of the shirt behind your head in a knot.

Wrap the extra length of the sleeves around to the front and tie the ends in a knot. In the end, it should resemble a turban.

Leave the cloth on for at least half an hour till your hair dries. You can also keep it overnight. The T-shirt will soak the excess moisture and prevent hair from becoming dry, rough and getting split ends.

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