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Guide to bridal beauty preparation

Guide to bridal beauty preparation

Get yourself ready for your big day by starting weeks in advance.We suggest a six-week prep for head-to-toe beauty.

Your lips should look the best for all the kissing you will be doing after! A Vitamin E stick can take care of cracks and creases from all that lip-biting before the ceremony . Exfoliate your lips at least once a week to clear away dead skin. To do this, wet a toothbrush with warm water and brush lips gently . Protect them with a lip balm that has sunscreen with a high SPF.

All those late nights spent planning the wedding leave dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Use a water soluble remover to take off your eye makeup. Use a vitamin-enriched night cream for the undereye area before going to sleep.Once or twice, use cool compress. to a v o i d puffiness.

You will be showing off a lot of back and maybe the decollete in your trousseau so start taking care of this region early , since the skin there is thinner and more sensitive.Exfoliate the neck with a gentle face scrub every other day .Apply a light moisturiser daily . Use sunscreen on your neck when stepping out.

Exfoliation is essential because it makes skin feel softer and more toned. Use a loofah or a body scrub. Get a whole body wax and wrap at the spa at least once a month, leading up to the wedding.

Shave your legs only after you’ve softened them with warm water. After the shower, apply a rich moisturiser.

Only getting a pedicure before the wedding day is not enough.Indulge your feet in treatments for six weeks leading up to the day . Use a pumice stone or foot rasp daily to scrub away dry, cracked skin. The best time to do this is in the shower since your feet are already damp.

Slather on a thick moisturiser and slip into a pair of socks before going to sleep. The socks seal in moisture overnight.

All that washing, blow-drying, and heat-styling for the events leading up to the wedding can wreak havoc on hair. Start repairing from the inside out. A diet filled with Vitamin B helps bring out your hair’s natural shine. An invigorating scalp massage and deep conditioning treatment four weeks before the event adds body to your mane.

At least six months prior, visit a dermatologist to work on your skin problems like acne. She will prescribe pills and topical creams to knock out the root cause. bacteria and oils. Your skin will need to adjust to a new regimen, so the earlier you visit the dermat, the better. Get facials from a trained aesthetician at a spa to clear blackheads and remove dead skin cells. Start these visits six months prior. The real secret to great skin is tonnes of water, before and on your wedding day. Six to eight glasses of water and some coconut water in between, are ideal for getting your skin hydrated from within.

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