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Fun ways celebrities are burning calories

burning calories

Hollywood celebrities wave adios to boring gym routines as life in the studio flourishes

When they flaunt their curves, we admire, even envy them for their flawless avatars on screen. However, when the cameras are not rolling and where the paparazzi isn’t permitted, these stars are found slicked with their own sweat, kicking punching bags, lifting weights and holding plank postures for several minutes. Slowly and steadily, celebs are creeping out of gyms and finding their way into group classes, which eliminate the boredom of monotonous exercise regimens and push members to test their own limits. The inspiring ambience helps these stars perform better in class, resulting in the creation of the flawless figures we admire.


Trends are shifting from isolated sets to balance-based workouts, and this sport lends one just that.Carrying with it the promise of rock-hard abs, the workout has members push off into water on large boards and paddle their way as designed. You take to smaller boards as you gain mastery on your balance. Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Rihanna have been spotted rifting through the ripples.


Gruelling outdoor and indoor boot camps amalgamate elements of strengthening, cardio and flexibility.

Sometime back in the midst of one such class, singer Ellie Goulding, popped up to the mic and lead her group through the last few intervals of a popular boot camp in Miami Beach, adding to the already elevated energy in the class.(Guess she meant it quite literally when she said – We’re gonna let it burn!)


The spinning ring has swiftly encircled everyone in its loop. A while back, singer Kelly Osbourne gathered headlines when she reportedly shed oodles of weight with the hoop, claiming that it had made her arms and back stronger, and trimmed her waistline by 2 inches. Beyonce, Olivia Wilde and Selena Gomez are other celebrities wholove the ring.


Barre workouts aim to replicate elements from Ballet, Pilates, yoga and weight training, to give you the best of all methods in a condensed package.The Swan Lake fever hasn’t mellowed yet, and celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Natalie Portman and Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio, still swear by the rod.

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