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Five benefits of having oily skin

Five benefits of having oily skin

So, you thought it was downright bad to have an oily skin? Well, it’s time to think again. The occasional breakouts should not demoralise. Because, here are a five benefits of having an oily skin.

Much slower rate of aging: People with dry skin show the signs of aging much faster than the ones with oily skin. Wrinkles and fine lines get camouflaged by the oily skin.

Your skin a natural glow, all the time: The shine on your oily face doesn’t look bad all the time. While many buy expensive products to get that shiny T-zone, you have it for free. Isn’t that awesome?

Your face has natural oils: And these oils keep your skin healthy and soft. Hence, you don’t need expensive day or night creams to protect your skin and make it smooth. Your skin will always be moisturised, season no bar: Your skins natural oils will take care of it. Not only that, your skin is also resilient to the harshness of various environmental conditions.

Low maintenance: Yes, you don’t need those heavy foundations that wear out in the middle of the day. A simple dash of face powder and you are ready to go.

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