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Ethnic nail art styles for festive season

Ethnic nail art

Durga Puja and Navratri are round the corner and you’ve already started shopping. But what are you wearing on your nails?

This festive season, be fashion savvy and turn heads around you. Doing up your nails completes the festive look. While trends like glitter extensions, diamontee nails, 3D nail styling, metallic nail paint and permanent gel polish have always been in vogue, it’s time to give them a traditional twist. Whether it’s your choice of colours, designs or even embellishments, it can all go the ethnic way. Go for striking Indian motifs like dandiya sticks, drums or peacocks and elephants. Keep your base coat simple and let the motif do the talking!

Step 1: Select colours you love.
Step 2: Cover the nail with a white base and allow it to dry.
Step 3: Stripe the nail with the three colours you’ve selected.
Step 4: Outline the colours with black nail art brush. You can opt for a black nail art pen. What designs you use is up to you. You can start with lines and dots as there are lesser chances of goofing up here. Get creative with the designs.
Step 5: Add your topcoat to seal everything and allow to dry.

Reminiscent of African tribal designs, this type of nail art incorporates bold patterns, colours and shapes. It’s actually super simple to create and, if at first you don’t get it right, that’s what nail-polish remover is for. So, grab a pen and get started.

Opt for multi-coloured designs that look like mini rangolis. A quick trick would be to use dots to give definition to design. Dots give the liberty to create any Indian design, especially flowers with great detailing. You can always add a touch of bling to heighten the drama. In today’s hectic lives, you may not be able to maintain long nails. But who said you cant decorate your short nails? Yes, you can easily flaunt different nail art designs. If you want to try something very decorative and appealing, especially for a festive look, the simplest idea is to try glitter French tip. You have all the freedom to make creative designs in this kind.

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