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Decor trends you must try

Decor trends you must try

Homes reflect your personality, and it is not always feasible to change things drastically in order to adopt the latest decor styles. However, here are some trends that you could easily try…

The Zone to sprawl in, is back

Formal sofas are no longer cool, rather, large comfortable zones that are relaxed and loungy are in. Keeping a section in your living room that has a chaise lounge, or a bean bag, works. You can take that power nap now!

Going all blue
A saturation of various hues of the calming blues, adds drama. This has been the chosen and most talked about colour this year for decor.

Wood works for all
One of the popular finishes this year is the look of pale wood. These light-coloured shades lend a soft and welcoming brightness to your rooms.

Get the best of both worlds
A hot trend this year is the idea of making the contemporary look, work with rustic decor elements. Using an old table with bright, sleek contemporary chairs — a rather unlikely pairing — can add style to your decor.

Royal four-posters
The old-world charm of a four-poster is hard to ignore and that might be one of the reasons this classic bed is back and gaining popularity among young couples. There is an unmistakable romance in the warm privacy that such beds give.

Making a statement with lights
Lights and lamps designs have gone to an entirely different level altogether. They are now arty and futuristic, lighting up your homes even when switched off!

Let colour predominate your rugs
Using throws and rugs that are bright and colourful can bring in a sense of festive fervour through the year. Choose a rug that is like a piece of art, and can be showcased.

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