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CF Moto Launching Four Bikes in India

CF Motorcycles

Cf moto

CF Moto Chinese Company has released its four bike variants with which they are starting their operations in India.

Considered as the world leader of recreational sports vehicles CF Motorcycle Company founded in the year 1989 AD.

Its bikes are fully equipped with international standards, safety measures and accessories.

Four models which include 650GT, 300NK, 650NK, 650MT.

All design has one common thing that is edgy and muscular design. No halogen bulb company has used while designing these bikes.

Austria designed bikes assembled AMW (Asia Motor Work) assembly plant in Bengaluru.

Starting its booking from 5 of August this year the company is offering 2 years warranty.

300 NK and 650 NK are street naked bikes, 650 MT is an off-road tourer and 650 GT is a road-biased tourer.

CF Moto Price list as per company offering is

300 NK – Rs 2.29 lakh
CF Moto 2

NK 650 – Rs 3.99 lakh
650 NK 3

MT 650- Rs 4.99 lakh
MT650 4

GT 650 – Rs 5.49 lakh
GT 650

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