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Bhatia Cloth House servants were Involved in Theft

Two have been arrested one is at large

Bhatia Cloth House

Bhatia cloth house, one of the most famous shops in Sujanpur Pathankot and also in adjoining states with Pathankot got plundered last week. Police after doing investigation thoroughly and dedicatedly succeeded in solving in the case within one week.

Although It was an open and shut case that someone from the inside has considered but with the recovery of half of the amount case has finally reached to its end. Nanu Gupta and Vicky servants of Bhatia Cloth House, one for 15 years and other for 7 years along with their third partner executed the rob on Tuesday night. The reason they gave that want to become rich in life so got carried away after seeing so many cash and opportunity.

Police have recovered Rs 6 Lakh cash hand has arrested both of them. Their third partner is on run with other half and police is looking for him.

Bhatia cloth house has almost 100 employees working in their shop. And they have Biometric identification of all of them which also played major role in cracking the case.

Now that case is solved both the police and owner can take a breath. Certainly this also raises questions that money can influence even the most trusted and honest person. One cannot read what is going on in another person mind and the only solution to this problem is remaining cautious and aware.

Sujanpur theft happen at Bhatia Cloth house, 12 Lakh Stolen

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