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Basil: The subtle herb, full of antioxidants

BasilThe pleasant smelling herb, basil is normally used as a seasoning to enhance the taste of various tomato dishes. However, the humble herb which looks small is a mighty powerhouse of antioxidants. So apart from making a lot of dishes taste nicer, basil is also a health-giving herb.

Use more basil in your cooking or as a refreshing and detoxifying drink once or twice a day to gain from its properties. Include dried basil leaves in your salads, soups or sandwiches to add to the flavour as well as for the health benefits. You can start your day with a cup of tea using either fresh or dried basil. Add approximately one teaspoonful of dried basil in a cup of boiled water, and allow it to steep until it reaches a drinkable temperature.

Benefits of basil

– It can sooth coughs and colds as well as boost the immune system so that colds do not linger and recur as they otherwise can do during the flu season.

– Basil also calms the digestive system, making it an ideal addition to meals for people who have upset stomachs, irritable bowel syndrome and similar digestion issues.

– Basil also has antibiotic properties which help the body to reduce internal inflammation.

– It has also been shown to lower blood sugar, and thus it is possible that it can be used by diabetics to manage the condition.

– Due to the above-mentioned antioxidants and digestive-soothing properties, basil is also linked to weight loss.

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