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Amritsar Police Hold onto Heroin Trader

Drug Racket Busted

Amritsar Drug

Amritsar police have arrested a trader alleged in drug dealing on Saturday.

Ajay Gupta, a businessman who used to bring salt from Pakistan.

Officers called him last week for investigation in connection with 532 kg heroin.

Which customs confiscated at Attari border in Amritsar, Punjab.

Ajay Gupta company “Fast Forward” which has a business of import and export comes under the radar.

This happened after Kashmiri trader Tarik Ahmad Lone revealed his name and connection with him.

Tarik lone, Kashmiri resident of Handwara, the mastermind of the racket was arrested last week with the help of Jammu and Kashmir police told officials about Gupta.

That whole consignment of 532kg was worth Rs 2700 Crores approximately in the international market.

Amritsar Rural Police has also apprehended driver Jasbir Singh and his son Harpreet Singh Who are supposed to take out consignment from ICP (Integrated Check Post).

Tarik Lone cooperating in the investigation and has disclosed the truck number which was supposed to carry further the consignment. He has also given the name of the person Ranjit Singh aka Rana aka Cheeta, resident of Ram Tirath, who are supposed to receive the delivery.

Currently, Ranjit is at large, police is looking forward to tracking him.

Last week before giving clearance custom officer carried out complete checking. In which they founded 15 Bags out of 600 bags of salt contain white powder.

After further examination, all 15 bags founds having Heroin of net weight 532kg.

This annexation so far is the biggest in term of rate value and quantity at Indo – Pak International Border.

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