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9 fashion myths short girls should break!

There are a million fashion rules out there, which could be tested, and styling for a short casing is one of them.

We solidly believe that being vertically tested should never prevent you from wearing what you want to! Read on for styling tips based on the most proficient method to break these age-old guidelines effectively and flaunt your body type with elan. As it is rightly said, that there are no standards in style – and THAT ought to be your mantra!!

Myth #1: No maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are the most flexible bit of apparel, and keeping short young ladies from wearing them is nothing short of a crime. As long as you choose the correct style that flatters your body structure, you can wear anything you want. Short young ladies must choose ones that are nipped in at the waist and have a side slit. Also, try staying away from large prints and choose small patterns or solids, which give an illusion of height.

Myth #2: Short girls can’t carry off midi skirts

Midi skirts are the highlight of this season. Nonetheless, the length of the hemline, which is mid-calf may make a short young lady look shorter. The key is to settle for high-waisted skirts and snap your waist with a belt. This consequently makes your legs look longer. Pair it with wedges or little cat heels to finish the look.

Myth #3: Shorten your legs by wearing knee-length gladiators

Knee-high gladiators are a dressier variant of flats and could immediately energise your look. In case of a petite framed woman, these could make the legs seem shorter or thicker. To counter this, you can select a slight 2-3 inch platform heeled version, which would immediately have a lengthening effect on your calves. A colour which is closer to your skin tone would likewise have a comparable impact. Moreover, match them with garments that are above knee-length, for example, short dresses, skirts or shorts.

Myth #4: A big no to horizontal stripes

Do you think horizontal stripes will make you look shorter? Well, it’s just a misconception! Try deciding on little stripes which are closer together on the top half instead of set head to toe.

Myth #5: Loose or baggy garments will shroud your edge

On the off chance that you are petite, risks are that you may get swallowed-up in baggy or loose garments. The key is to balance them with other shapely pieces. Settle on fitted denims with a loose white T-shirt or complement your waist with a belt, when wearing a free dress.

Myth #6: Always wear heels, say no to flats

Petite ladies don’t need to dependably wear heels to look taller. Rather, decide on a couple of chic pointed flats, which will give the illusion of added height by basically lengthening your knee-to-toe line.

Myth #7: Over-sized bags look old-fashioned

Ladies having a short frame CAN carry over-sized totes. Choose a mid-hanging homeless bag (that reaches till your elbows and not underneath) over a tote. This will offset your extents as opposed to overwhelming them.

Myth #8: Capri pants don’t complement petite women

Capri or cropped jeans are great for summers and won’t make you look shorter, if styled in the right way. Settle on a pair, which is mid-high waist and ends at a slimmer part of the leg. Likewise maintain a strategic distance from ones with bigger prints and an excessive amount of mass enumerating, for example, huge takes, sleeves, and so forth.

Myth #9: Layering with scarves will make you look voluminous

Scarves are a great style accessory and add colour to our outfits. The key is to pick lighter and flowy fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, silk, and so on, which could be draped around your shoulders rather than the neck.

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