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8 simple rules for fuss free eating

fuss free eating

Kids can be notoriously tough to please. Try this mom-tested advice to turn them around. Here are 8 simple rules for fuss free eating..

– Serve veggies with a side of your child’s favourite dip such as cheese sauce or ketchup. Even the dreaded broccoli will feel like a delicacy.

– Be positive. When your child tries a new food, be appreciative.

– BUY healthy unprocessed ingredients. Eat fresh.Minimise sugar, salt, and transfats in your cooking and don’t buy packaged foods with toxic artificial food colour.

– Include at least five servings of fruits and veggies daily.

– Create visually appealing dishes to attract the kids’ attention. Offer variety.

– Don’t eat junk food yourself, because if you do, your kids will follow.

– No television while eating, no dessert until the main meal is finished, and no playing around with the food.

– No bribing the kids to eat, no force-feeding them, and limit colas and candy.

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