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5 ideas to dress up your windows

dress up your windows

If you have a large window at a strategic point, there is no reason why you should cover it with a curtain. It can, in fact turn into one of the biggest attraction points of your home, if you decorate it right!

Here are some tips to add glamour to your window.

Foliage magic: Nothing looks better than fresh green vines decorating a window. Plant a few all weather creepers and make them climb on your window. You can use artificial plants as well.

Lacy Charm: If you want an elegant, dreamy look for your house, lace curtains are the best choice to deck up your window. You can get laces stitched to your existing curtains to cut down the budget.

Chirpy Chimes: For happy tinkling that will add a festive fervor to your home, use chimes to dress up your windows. For a sweet disharmony, use chimes with differently shaped rods.

Cage Couture: Cages are the new rage today. You can stuff them with flowers, leaves and candles and hang them for a pretty, dainty look!

Dazzling lights: What can be prettier than colourful glow bulbs arrangd in an array, or lovely hanging tea lights? You can also buy hanging lamps and put them on the curtain hanger.

According to Shruti S, decorator and design enthusiast, ” It is important to keep the decor of your home in mind while decking up a window. Ensure that you do not clutter it and keep space for light and sunshine.”

“You can create a kitsch look by hanging paraphernalia which do not exactly match, but create a lively, bright look as a whole,” she adds.

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