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5 yummy things you can do with vanilla ice cream

vanilla ice cream

Vanilla Ice Cream may be boring at times but you might not know how versatile it can be.

Here we give you 5 ways to savour this classic vanilla ice cream.

Vanilla ice cream sandwich
Take a slice of vanilla ice cream. Place the ice cream on one side of the bread and fold the bread over the ice cream. You may also use two waffles or chocolate biscuits in place of the cream bread and place the ice cream slab between the two slices. It tastes heavenly!

Banana Split
This is one of the most easiest and popular dessert you can make with vanilla ice cream. Take three scoops of vanilla ice cream and place it in a dish plate. Slice a banana and place it on each side of the dish plate. Pour two tbsp of chocolate syrup on the ice cream. Squirt some whipped cream and put a cherry on the top. For those who are nut lovers you can also sprinkle some crushed nuts and raisins to make it healthy and delicious.

Vanilla Milkshake
Put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a blender (you can two scoops for thick mixture). Add a cup of milk and vanilla extracts in the blender and blend for about 15-20 seconds. Pour it in the glass and top it with whipped cream and cherries. Sip the milkshake in style!

Mango Crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream
If you are not good at making crepes just take the frozen ones and heat them in the microwave. Slice the mangoes in strips of large cubes. Put them on the top of the crepe and then fold them. Put a scoop of vanilla ice cream over them. Put some whipped cream beside the ice cream. Lastly, drizzle a zigzag pattern of chocolate syrup over the entire plate. It will turn out to be a melt-in-mouth irresistible dessert.

Fried Ice Cream Ball
Frying an ice cream can be a funny thought but this well experimented and kid lover recipe takes just 10 minutes. This is a wonderful combination of hot and cold. A well set, hard ice cream is used for this dessert.

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