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10 exciting ways to de stress this weekend

10 exciting ways to de stress

De stressing seems to be an unattainable goal and staying at home watching TV on weekends is not going to help you get closer to it.

Incase you want to take the mission of distressing seriously this weekend, then we have 10 fabulous ideas that will help you relax completely. These ideas will push you out of your comfort zone and will pump up your mood. Just keep reading to know what we are talking about.

1. Exciting ways to de stress this weekend

Even if you think that you can’t sing then this is ‘the’ activity for you. Grab a mike and read the lyrics from the screen and the best part is you can make the song your rendition. At the karaoke you can croak or sing it with passion, the choice is yours. You’re the rockstar behind the mike.

2. Exciting ways to de stress this weekend

Visit a brewery
The Indian alcohol market is growing at a phenomenal pace. The opening of markets has roped in international brands to manufacture alcohol in India, but you also have Indians opening breweries to cater to the vast market. Take the opportunity and visit a brewery; you will amazed at the methods and time involved to make your favourite drink.

3. Exciting ways to de stress this weekend

Comedy club or play
A good laugh is the best way to de-stress, and the best place for that is at a comedy club or a comedy play. When was the last time you watched a live performance? It is a totally different experience than watching a television show.

4. Exciting ways to de stress this weekend

Try a different cuisine
Indians staunchly believe that the Indian cuisine is the best. But why not try a new cuisine? Today there are several restaurants catering to different tastes and different cuisine. There are restaurants that serve Thai, Vietnamese, African, Mexican, besides the regular Italian fare available at most restaurants.

5. Exciting ways to de stress this weekend

Club hopping
If you’re a party animal then take a challenge to get groove on at several clubs in one night. Grab your friends as you party to the night life of your city. Club hopping is one way to paint the town red.

6.Exciting ways to de stress this weekend

Barbeque party
Summer is the best time to have a barbeque party. If winter had you locked up indoors huddled in a blanket, then summer is the time to shine in your best summer outfit. Another reason to have a grilled food is that it is also healthy.

7. Exciting ways to de stress this weekend

Connect with earth
Monday – Saturday is boring especially if you have to sit in front of the computer all day long. You need a change in scenery to rejuvenate your mind and the best way to do it, is to hit the beach, lake, river, hills or which ever terrain is accessible to you. Connect with nature and soak in the freshness.

8. Exciting ways to de stress this weekend

Go camping
When was the last time did you see a blanket of stars or heard the silence of darkness? Plan a camping trip and you can expereince just that. There are several organization that plan interesting camping trips, you can also widen your social circle.

9. Exciting ways to de stress this weekend

Amusement park
Going to an amusement park is considered a kiddy thing to do, but being a kid is one way to de stress as long as you are not an annoyance to anyone. The best place to be a kid is at an amusement park – scream and let loose.

10. Exciting ways to de stress this weekend

Adventure games
If an amusement park is amateurish then you can get dirty with paintball, lazer tab, ATVs, zorbing, etc. These games will surely rattle your cages, spin you off your feet and fill you with memories that Facebook cannot store.

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