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Youngest Author Found in India from Mumbai

Ayaan Kapadia of Mumbai as Youngest Author

Mumbai has now given our country, youngest author named Ayaan Kapadia which is just 9 years old has been officially declared as the first youngest author of India. The Indian Achiever Book Record has officially declared Ayaan as youngest author in whole India. He is a student of class 4th and studying in JBCN International School has also recived award named “A Book written by Child in Shortest Time period”. Actually, he is said to have prepared the whole fictional book in just three days.

On his interview, he told that his mother has motivated him for writing as they noticed the hidden writer inside him. His parents are very happy and proud of him and wanted to go far in this field. When you first see the boy, he looks like a shy and very peace loving child but after knowing the actual fact that he has driven to achieve their goal and is very active and passionate about reading books as well as writing their own stories, will show his different personality. He is a very compulsive reader who loves reading books of magic, fiction as well as adventures and has already end up their book series along with some other small titled books like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson etc.

While he sits down in order to write something, he used to place dictionary nearby which he uses during his time period of writing classes and also during reading. Talking about his future, he told that their dreams might change but his passion of writing will not change in the coming time. His family also added that they are not giving books for money, they are just giving those books to their family as well as friends. They have also decided to donate the next book completely to all the underprivileged children without any cost.

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