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Who should get the ‘Vampire Breast-lift’ and why!

Vampire Breast-lift

If you always wanted that push-up bra look without wearing one, and wished your bosom looks fuller and rejuvenated all the time, then this is for you.

Similar to the vampire facelift that broke the internet two years ago; the vampire breast-lift is aimed at giving you perkier and rounder breasts. Several cosmetic dermatologists in Mumbai are offering this treatment and the fact that it comes with a reasonable price tag makes it worth a try!

Ideal for…
Women who have natural breasts and want extra roundness without an increase in cup size w
Those who need to perk up their breasts
Need a rounder and fuller bosom w
Those who desire a mild increase in breast volume and have large drooping breasts

How is it done?
“A few millilitres (about 60 ml) of the patient’s blood is harvested by a sterile technique. Using a cold centrifuge and a well-researched and established procedure, platelets are isolated from the blood,” says cosmetic surgeon Dr Smita Gaonkar. These are then activated to cause the release of growth factors — normally required to stimulate healing in injured tissue. While another cosmetic surgeon Dr Aamod Rao, further explains, “Multi-potent stem cells become activated to grow new tissue. This stimulates the formation of new collagen fatty tissue (for smoothness), and new blood vessels (for a healthy glow).” How much time does it take?
The procedure takes anywhere between one to three hours depending on the size of the breasts and the desired lift
Ideally, most cosmetic dermatologists take about an hour for one breast

A word of caution
This procedure may not be very effective for people who have very prominent breast drooping with volume loss and excess skin
It is not a replacement for implants and is not meant to increase a woman’s chest size

Health effects
“Infections can be tracked into the breast if sterile precautions are not taken while doing the procedure,” says senior cosmetic surgeon Dr Mohan Thomas. He further adds, “If an implant is already in place, then strict precautions have to be taken to prevent puncture of the implant and also prevent infection. Breast feeding and pregnancy should not be undertaken after the procedure.” how it helps women of different ages On younger women (to boost the upper half of the breast and a fuller cleavage)
Increases volume of fatty tissue
Rejuvenates look
Plumps up the breasts to make them look fuller
Improves thickness of the skin on older women (to lift the breasts and make it firm)
Improves the texture
Changes the tone of the breast
Younger-appearing skin
Slight lift (if injected in the lower portions of the breast)

– The effects of the treatment start showing within a few hours, however it is only after three to four weeks that they are completely visible
– For most women, the benefits of a vampire breast lift lasts for about two years
– Improves the perkiness and shape of the breasts
– “The results are different on women of different ages, as the treatment works on the skin. However, the effects are seen as soon as two to three hours of the treatment and keep enhancing for a better looking cleavage for upto eight months,” says dermatologist Dr. Geeta Oberoi.

What to keep in mind
It is important that the patient has been tested for any bleeding disorders as well as for diseases transmitted by blood.
A complete breast examination should be done clinically as well as through a mammogram or an MRI of the breast.
A cold compress needs to be done if there is any feeling of uneasiness or discomfort

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