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What makes skin dry in winter?

skin dry

It’s a no-brainer that winter makes skin feel excessively dry, but we cannot put all the blame on the season alone.

There are, in fact, many reasons, why skin begins to feel extremely dry and stretchy, ranging from harsh cleansers to stress and pollution. We spoke to skincare professionals to find out more…

Suffering from nutritional deficiency
Not eating a healthy and balanced diet can lead to problems of nutritional deficiencies that might be the reason of dry skin. Have all the necessary vitamins, after consulting your doctor. “Sometimes, women refrain from oil and stick to a zero-oil or very low fat diet. This can also make your skin dry,” says cosmetologist Dr Rashmi Shetty.

Excessive stress and exposure to pollution
Pollution, dust, pollen, free radicals and stress can lead to a lot of hormonal changes in epidermis, hence exhausting the natural oil reserves.

Exposing your skin to harmful sun rays
When your skin is exposed to the sun excessively, it could lead to sun allergy and skin dryness for some people. Make sure you are wearing an SPF of at least 35-plus and keep re-applying after every two to three hours to get maximum benefit. Dr Shetty says, “Sunscreen can make your flaky if you are allergic or irritated by one of the ingredients in a sunscreen. If it is applied on dry skin, it can make skin sensitive. But on its own, sunscreen can’t cause dryness in healthy skin.”

Not using the right product
There are certain skincare products that are meant only for certain types of skin, and if you are not able to recognise the correct one, then it shows on your skin. Every person’s skin is unique, say experts. So it is ideal to consult specialists or dermatologists and ask them to recommend something that is safe for your skin. Use moisturisers that do not have harmful additives and perfumes.

Using harsh cleansers on facial skin
Most soaps are alkaline in nature and leave a drying effect on your skin. Cosmetologist Dr Jamuna Pai says, “Use mild soap-free moisturising cleansers if you have dry skin. And oily skinned people should avoid using products and scrubs that aggravate their glands to produce more oil.”

Using artificial toners
Toners, some even by reputed brands that claim to be alcohol-free, can make dryness-prone skin feel stretchy. Use natural ingredients like organic rose water, cucumber juice or grated cucumber as a skin toner.

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