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Ways to Include Dates in your Routine

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Ways to Include Dates in your Routine

The Dates that we used to eat sometimes are sweet in taste and are also sticky and chewy and are also called as super foods. This food item is highly rich in essential nutrients and fully power packed with proteins and nutrients that helps in promoting health. They play a very important role during the festivals likes Eid and Ramadan specially, but you can go for these types of delights at any time you want. According to the experts, it has been said that one f the oldest tree which was cultivated is date palm and these trees are having its place of origin in the desert around the Persian Gulf. The dates that are very helpful in boosting your immunity are highly rich in potassium and have slow speed of supply. It also helps in providing many other more essential nutrients to our body.

There are plenty of reasons that give you the reason to add these into your daily routine life and diet also and they are also very tasty which is like an added bonus. If still you don’t know how to include these dates into your daily diet then we have given below some of the interesting ways that will help you in adding this up into you routine diet to get the healthy results.

•Shake made from Date
Due to the natural sweetness present in the dates, we can also make a shake of dates that will be very hard to resist and also have very excellent taste. All you have to do is, firstly put some of the dates in the blender along with some quantity of milk and then blending it in order to make an amazing date shake. You have to remember not to add sugar into it as dates are having its natural sweetness which is enough to make the shake sweet in taste. By doing this way you are not adding any amount of calories into it. You can also go for some flavors of milk and yogurt too to make flavored shake.

•Baking the Dates
You can also use them in making cakes to add its goodness and taste into the cakes, breads, pies and cupcakes etc. You can then proceed by chopping them and putting them into the delights option like cakes, pies etc. Then after baking any of the food items containing the chopped dates resulting in giving an enhanced flavor that will result in making you asking for more and more.

•Tossing them into the Salad
One of the easy and best ways to add these dates into your diet is by tossing them into your favorite salads. While you are cutting salads for you, you can simply add some of the chopped dates into it in order to enhance the whole flavor.

•Healthy dessert From Dates
Not only you can make use of dates for garnishing purpose only, you can also make so many variety of dessert by using it in order to serve guests and make ask for more. The common name which is asked by Indian people is “Khajur”. There are many simple desserts that are made from dates which you can easily made at home includes Whole wheat Date Cake, date and Prune Brownies and Date and Walnut Pies etc which are all mouth watering food items and you must try these at least once.

•Adding them into Trail Mix
You can also add them into the trail mix which includes taking a hand full of dry frits assortments along with the dates which are finely chopped. Then after arranging all of them, you can mix them and just simply serve them. That how it is so much simple to make it. The requirement of various essential nutrients that your body needed is completely fulfilled by taking these dry fruits mixture.

•Using them in Cereals
The experts have given the information that you can simply add chopped dates to granola gives you a very health and best option for your breakfast. So, you just have to add these chopped dates into your cereals and have a healthy and delicious daily diet.

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