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Water CRISIS -Indian Cities Facing Acute Shortage

National issue?

Water crisis

WATER CRISIS -The central government has released a list of cities facing a severe shortage of water.

Almost 17% of cities are on the list having an extreme shortage.

In this list, there are about 756 urban cities from almost 4,378.

Tamil Nadu is the state which has a maximum number of water-stressed urban cities followed by Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

Moreover, Four municipal areas in Delhi including posh areas have been included in the list.

Areas around Delhi such as Ghaziabad, Noida and Faridabad are facing the same crisis.

Punjab and Haryana, two small but important states with respect to their capacity of growing crop.

And the way they are using groundwater, level of water in their cities have fallen severely.

This year in 2019 monsoon is also one week later and moving very slow.

Comparing with last year this year till now the rain has not fallen that much.

Although we are seeing in the news that rain is causing floods. But it is because water is pouring very fast in a very small span of time.

In Punjab 82 municipal areas and in Haryana 56 out of 86 listed areas are on the verge of running out of water.

This is not very good for groundwater regeneration.

Seeing the menace, urban affair ministry has road map the plan to carry out extensive campaign and activities for water conservation.

Also, recycle and reuse of grey water to shed load on rivers and groundwater for day to day life works except drinking.

Niti Ayog has released a few days ago that by 2020 21 Indian cities will run out of groundwater.

The situation is very serious and people, as well as the government of India, needs to act now.

water Capetown

Otherwise, our cities will face the same situation that cape town is facing today.

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