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Stress of Competitive Exams

Think positively during this time period after 12th board exams.

stress of exams

With the end of 12th board exams, all of the medical and non medical aspirants are under so much pressure of their competitive exams. Hard work today will pay you for whole life. But when stress is added to your hard work, your efficacy reduces to 50%. So its must to stay calm during this period. This time is to rewind your mind and remember all the efforts you made in last two years which will of no use if you are in stress now.

The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re in control of your life and you can achieve anything in your life.

  1. Think positively! A positive thinking reduce your stress to almost 80%
  2. Don’t study for 16 – 17 hours a day. Just try to study 10 – 12 hours but effectively.
  3. Try to talk less to your friends. They are also sailing in the same boat. When you talk to them you may get even more stressed. Sometimes you may get so relaxed listening to their situation which can give a big fall to your performance.
  4. Don’t try to change your concepts at this time. If you cant memorize some topics then leave it! Accept what you can’t change.
  5. Focus more on your strengths. At this time you can learn something new . Your strengths will be affected if you concentrate more on your weakness.
  6. Give yourself small breaks of 5 minutes every half and hour. Enjoy a big break after 2 hours.
  7. Yoga or a mere walk for 15 minutes will help you to increase your concentration.
  8. Try to solve a mock test daily.

Live away from home?

In a paying guest or a hostel , its hard to survive last one month of your preparation. Lots of stress and homesickness hinders you most during this time.

Try if you can manage to go home. If you can’t, the just hold on and make a routine in which u will exercise for 15 minutes and talk to your family for 1 hour.

If you are in hostel , talk to your friend of different stream during your relaxation time. You can go to nearby library and spend a day over there twice a week.

Pamper yourself by eating yummy but healthy food.


  • A day before your exam, just close your books and relax.
  • Sleep at least for 8 hours before exam.
  • Eat something light on the day of exam.
  • Try to go in pyjama or loose fit clothes as this will make you feelgood and relaxed.
  • Pray to god. It will relax your mind.

Just relax and concentrate on you preparation rather than on your future.

This is all the game in which you have to understand difference between under confidence, confidence and overconfidence .

All the best!

About Author:

Dr. Rachita – MBBS Student in Patiala. Take writing and poetry as my hobbies. Motivating people and making them aware by the light of my little bit of knowledge makes me happy. Fun writing romantic and emotional poems.

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