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India – Near to Stage 3 of COVID -19

Stages of Covid-19 Transmission

covid-19 stages

Pandemic is defined as a disease that has been spread over whole world. Coronavirus (COVID -19) is now a pandemic of 2020. End of January, India became the next country on hunt by this virus.

Every pandemic has 4 stages:


  • This is the stage where most of the cases are IMPORTED FROM OTHER COUNTRIES where disease has already shown its show. India became part of Stage 1 at end of JANUARY. Disease in rooted from China in January and spoiled several nations like Italy, Iran, France and US after which disease knocked out door of India.
  • First case of India was found in KERELA on Jan 30 . The patient was student of Wuhan University, China.
  • After that our stage 1 continued for a period of 1 month. International flight passengers were thoroughly checked and suspects were kept under observation


  • Stage where LOCAL TRANSMISSION OF DISEASE started.
  • Beside a high try to stop the disease is early stage , India landed into stage 2 in Early March.
  • This disease is have a drastic quality to spread so fast because of which India couldn’t stop virus to reach in stage 2.
  • A mistake we made in early part was that , International flights were stopped too late.
  • AS COMPARISON TO OTHER BIG COUNTRIES , India has comparatively controlled the situation by early LOCKDOWN.
  • Where other countries has landed into stage 3 , our one good decision has delayed stage 3 here .


  • Stage 3 is that stage of pandemic where there is COMMUNITY TRANSFER OF DISEASE.
  • Large people get infected in this stage and graph of the disease touches the peak.
  • Our country has already delayed this stage to large extend as compared to other countries.

India’s normally bustling streets are quite now and this is the only reason why we are having a bit of control on this disease. Every day almost 50 to 60 confirmed new number of cases are adding on to graphs. Graph of mortality is also rising, leading to near about 20 causalities in India till date. This situation may have been worsen if our worthy PM didn’t take a grateful decision quite early.


India is playing smart. Government of India arranged the panel of 5 doctors and made the necessary decisions. The requirement of isolation beds, ventilators, ICU beds, testing kits and tests to be conducted, ambulances, doctors, nurses, their transportation and accommodation – everything is being worked out. . We are already working on a plan for a stage if have 1,000 patients a day.

STAGE 1 Only imported cases from other countries – 50 to 80 cases need to be dealt per day
STAGE 2 Local transmission of disease is there – 400 to 500 cases need to dealt per day
STAGE 3 Community Transmission of disease – 1000 cases approx. need to be managed per day

Our country is trying our best to protect India from getting into Stage 3. Stage 3 may make the issue more serious and a great loss to Indian economy and health of Indians.


Just stay home and stay safe!

Virus need human to complete its cycle and lockdown will stop that cyle but only if we follow that sincerely.


It’s completely a deadly situation for a country. China and Italy has already faced that. It is epidemic of disease where thousands of people get affected every day and hundreds of them die. There is no end of this phase. This is a complete stage of destruction. Hoping for the best, India is far away from this stage and we have to control this disease before we enter into this .

Today, Every one person of 50 tested in India is Covid positive. We have to stop this now or it will be too late.
Every one contribution counts. Please lock yourself into your homes for you, your loved ones and our nation.

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Dr. Rachita – MBBS Student in Patiala. Take writing and poetry as my hobbies. Motivating people and making them aware by the light of my little bit of knowledge makes me happy. Fun writing romantic and emotional poems.

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