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Spruce up your kid’s room with whimsical decor

Spruce up your kid's room

Give your positive children a happy and living space, where they can learn, play and nurture. Here are some creative yet budget-friendly accessories and decor options that will instantly give your little one’s bedroom a fairy tale makeover.


Instead of stacking your child’s story books and novels on a regular wooden shelf, use their animated covers to add some colour to the room. Install vinyl rain gutter shelves, which will allow the books to be displayed neatly . Research has revealed that when kids see books displayed in this manner (with their covers in front), they are more encouraged to read them, rather than just seeing the spine of the book and not being able to tell what it is about.


If your budget doesn’t permit you to go for a major revamp, you can still add a fairy tale touch to the room by upgrading their bed sheets, quilts, cushions and window curtains. Go for attractive prints in bright colours. Cartoon-inspired decor pieces are widely available in the market and are a hot favourite with children.


Art pieces that appeal to the kids’ aesthetic sense are a great way to not just spruce up a dull room, but also enhance your child’s appreciation for painting and other creative crafts. Go for cutesy pieces, depending on your little one’s age and likes. You can also get creative by curating ribbon paintings to give the wall a different edge. If your kids are great at drawing or sketching, let them try their hand at painting. Choose a masterpiece from their creations and get it colourfully framed to display it in the room.


From popular characters like Elsa from Frozen to images that focus on academics like world map murals and alphabet trees, you can choose from a host of decals for any theme to adorn the walls, mirrors, windows, wardrobes etc. in your kid’s room. Custom-made decals are also available, which will personalise the space, while removable stickers can be repositioned over and over again. Don’t forget to involve your kid in the application process!

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