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Simple ways to take care of fresh tattoos

care of fresh tattoos

Getting a tattoo is an amazing feeling but maintaining it is difficult as even slight negligence and carelessness can wreck an intriguing piece of body art and turn into a disaster. Once the tattoo is complete, resist the temptation to open the plastic wrapped on your tattoo and never touch your new tattoo with dirty hands, says an expert.

Vikas Malani and Micky Malani, co-founders of Body Canvas tattoo studios and piercing parlour, have shared tips on how to care for your new tattoo.

– Once the tattoo is complete and you have left the parlour, resist the temptation to open the plastic wrapped on it.

– After removing the cling wrap (after 2 hours minimum), wash your tattoo gently with the help of your hands with a mild, fragrance and alcohol-free soap or hand wash. Do not use a loofah to remove excess blood, ointment and ink.

– After washing the tattoo, pat it dry with a tissue paper. Do not rub it and don’t use a towel for drying off excess water.

– For moisturising, apply only a thin layer of Nivea cream, it should just be enough to make the tattoo shine (your tattoo should be visible and the extra cream should be wiped off gently).

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