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RTI Amendment Bill 2019 Passed, Opposition blamed Weakening Act

Undermining RTI Act

RTI Amendements

RTI Bill 2019 got passed yesterday by parliament after getting 178 votes in favour and 79 against it.

Opposition parties blamed the government that they are trying to subjugate the power of CIC (Chief Information Commissioner).

Currently, leading opposition minister Shashi Tharoor said under proposed changes government has full authority of appointing

or firing CIC from its position.

He also added the government is not trying to implement but on its way of removing it by reducing the power of CIC.

He categorically questioned why the government is in the rush of passing this bill.

Is it because of RTI act people are seeking educational qualification of Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

Tharoor claimed that the ruling party is trying to make RTI act toothless tiger.

RTI Act passed in the year 2005, replaced freedom of information act 2002.

Aims at empowering citizens by providing Right to


It has one CIC (Chief Information Commissioner)


10 Information Commissioners

Currently, Sic are performing their duties and rest seats are vacant

Presently CIC tenure is of 5 years and no one can replace him.

This gives him the power to work autonomously without coming under pressure from anyone.

What government has done in this amendment that from now on

CIC tenure will not be fixed and the government will decide his/her period of serving.

Second, Currently, CIC has a status equivalent to CEC (Chief Election Commissioner).

And can have the salary and other incentives equal to Supreme Court judge. That they and reduced

Dr Jitendra Singh Stated in Lok Sabha that CIC ruling can be challenged in the high court.

This reduces his power and status in front of High Court Judge, how can both posts be considered as equal?

Through this government is trying to fix salaries, tenure and other terms and conditions of information commissioners.

No matter what opposition or people say, the government has passed the bill and will be promulgated soon

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