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Online scams and safety measures to be taken

list of online scams that can disturb your privacy

A dishonest scheme made with an intention to instigate harm in a person life is called scam. Scam is an illegal action done to take away the profits earned by someone with hard work. With the advancement in technology, every sort of work started its journey through internet which resulted in setting online scams into motion. The methodology of fraud for this kind is totally different and need to be understood with best approach. These sneaky approaches of scammers can steal the joyful sources of your life and can turn you towards negativity with great force. Further, they can also provide dangerous harm to your loved ones using your identity.

Online scams

Here are few of the scams that you must be aware of while using internet. These can seriously harm you in a number of ways.

Shopping scam

Fraud sites are created to seek customer’s attention. Both of the sites are similar to a great extent and target any person despite of many safety attempts. Global counterfeit is increasing day by day and is making people suffer a lot. If you see great deals online, you will strongly move towards its purchase. Counterfeiting website use tricky methods to grab user’s sight and coax them to shop. The persuasive nature of scanner is the sword that kills our awareness and makes us do things expected by them. One need to understand this and should always go for price comparison before purchasing. Observe the website design and domain name properly by taking eye on every minute detail. Throw a look on the refund policy along with review section, you will get to know the whether the website is bona fide or not.

Hitman scam

This is most frequently used fraudulent method to dissuade a person from living a healthy, happy life. In this form of scam an email is sent to the targeted person disrupting his smooth life and making him follow certain steps. If a person ignores or denies doing that, he will have to suffer a lot. The whole incident is for the purpose of extorting money from the individual. The content in the email will be in such a way that your brain will be pressurized for adopting a radically different belief. A depressing situation will be created and you will be forced to go through it. There is no need to consider his mails legitimate as they are only to wash off your brain and follow his commands. Report the email to cyber crime complaint centre as soon as you get.

Phishing scam

Phishing scams are very common now days. They make people open up with their personal details in front of you. This is a fraudulent activity that demands for sensitive content such as ID, passwords and details of credit card. The scammers use phishing as a tool to collect your personal information that would help those grabbing benefits. Phishing can be done through the generation of fake links and emails that needs only your single consent. Thus, one needs to take full care of the unknown emails and links. There is no need to open any document or attachment forwarded through strange sources.

Fake antivirus software

The installed safety apps can also induce threat in your easy going joyful life. The fake antivirus software is another method used by the online scammer to target a person’s life. This software is generally found in the unknown sourced messages or linked through a fake portal or web page. The pop up notification of free antivirus is the most dangerous one that seeks our interest and we willing click on it. Fake antivirus demands for full scanning and alerts about the presence of infection and malware with the demand of subscription. This fake subscription was the motive of scammer and it can be prevented by being careful. One needs to understand that installation of fake programs can result in various shocking outcomes and one needs to be fully aware of this so that there is no chance of mishappening.

Fake employment opportunities

Ones need of job can also be targeted by the scammers. The generation of fake advertisement for the need of workers can attract many unemployed personalities. One should keep in mind that good jobs are difficult to search and one must not get trapped in the fake pros of advertiser. They tend to make us trust them through believable content with exceptionally simple requirements. The noticeable thing is that the job description is not very clear and emails are not so professionally written. The prevention can be done by simply ignoring such so simple easy to approachable jobs with extremely simple requirements. There is no need of responding to alerts through messages and emails that don’t include contact information.

Facebook impersonation scam

The most active social networking platform, facebook can also be dangerous if a loophole is left. There are few scammers who use our identity for the purpose of many illegal things. Facebook impersonations are a scam that lets a person copy your details and pretend as if he is you. Thus, proper attention is needed. One should regularly have a check that is there any account which portrays him or not; if yes, then immediate report is required. Facebook has updated with many security features that one can go through for reporting an imposer account. Necessary privacy measures should also have been taken by the individual for the prevention of such scams.

Above were few prevalent scams that can induce threat in your personal life through the mechanism of brain wash. Thus, proper management and awareness of everything is needed. One should not react carelessly to fake generated links or large discounting deals. Every minute detail of a website should be noted for the prevention of web scams due to counterfeited websites. The scammers play with our mind and proceed on the loopholes left by us. Be careful while surfing and click on only the relevant links.
Your safety is in your hands.

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