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Natural cleaners you did not know

Natural cleaners

Here are some natural food items which are superb cleaners too

We never knew their benefits until now! Here are some food items, which can also be great cleaners –

Ketchup: It can be used to remove tarnish from copper utensils. But don’t forget to rinse them with warm water once you have scrubbed them with some ketchup.

Oatmeal: It acts as a natural cleanser of dirty hands. Slather some oatmeal with water and rub your hands together to remove all the dirt and germs.

Club soda: When was the last time you cleaned your kitchen sink? Take some baking soda and scrub it till it shines.

Soaked rice: While cleaning glass bottles and jars, use a cupful of uncooked rice to clean all of them. Fill a little more than half a jar with warm water and add a few grains of rice. Cover it up and shake it vigorously and then clean.

Black tea: Do you have a bucket full of tools which are rusty? Brew some black tea and let it cool down. Then immerse the tools for a few hours in the tea and wipe them with a cloth later.

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