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The Punjabi Movie Main Teri Tu Mera released on 19th August 2016 on big screens. Punjabi movies are going amazingly well on the box-office by showing their worth and talent worldwide. This time, the Punjabi cinemas has got an amazing movie with an unexceptionally experienced star-cast like Roshan Prince and Mankirat Aulakh, who are very renown Punjabi singers and has given so many superhit albums and individual songs. This is not the first time for Roshan prince but very first experience for Mankirat Aulakh. The other supporting roles in the movie is being played by Yamini Malhotra, Jazz Sodhi, Karamjit Anmol.

The movie is being directed by Ksshitij Chaudhary and is written by Pali Bhupinder Singh. The movie basic scenes and most of the scenes are shot in the village and nearby of Ferozpur which is very much close to the Pakistan and some shots of Chandigarh too. This is the Debut movie for Mankirat, Sodhi, and Malhotra. The movie is revolving around a rural boy called Amru, who is basically a day-dreamer, while in his dreams he thinks of a girl who comes real and appears in front of him and tells him the story which he uses to think in his dream . According to her they are already married and is living a very happy life, listening to this he gets seriously shocked and starts to doubt his story.

The movie is getting an amazing response from the audience and critics too. The movie is having a humorous and comedy story which is filled with outstanding acts of acting skills. The songs and music tracks for the movie are appreciated too by the audience and got a great response. The response is due to the amazing singers and composers who are giving their worthy talent to this movie, Naina, Bharjaiye, Ik Taar and Main Teri Tu Mera is getting great praises from the listeners.

The actors are too the singers in the movie and the songs Naina is sung by Roshan Prince, Bharjaiye by both Mankirat and Roshan Prince and Chandigarh by Mankirat Aulakh alone. The movie is being distributed by PTC Punjabi and is released today world widely. The makers are expecting a great response from the audience.

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