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Mahashay Lal Gulati : MDH Owner

MDH Owner

When you heard about the spices and the taste, you also get a picture of white mustache man with his one iconic dialog “ASLI MASLE SACH SACH MDH MDH”. Mahashay Lal Gulati the most famous MDH face uplifted its level in spices and became one of the richest businessmen of India. It is sad to hear that such a great personality is no more today.

Mahashay Lal Gulati born in the year 1923, he was raised up in a Khatri family along with seven siblings. They used to live in Sialkot district of Punjab and moved to Delhi after partition. His father had a shop of spices as ‘Mahashian Di Hatti’ where he used to accompany him.

Someone rightly said that “strength and growth comes with continuous struggle and effort”. He started with a Tonga and later sold everything to open a spice shop in the area. Mr. Mahashay went on the peak with his effort and eventually his business got recognition. He opened a modern spice shop in Delhi named as Roopak which he gave to his brother.

Slowly his business expanded and he felt the need of establishing a factory. The production was increased and MDH reached almost every home. Presently, it is being exported to many foreign countries and elevating the status of Indian Cuisine. Mahashay Lal Gulati is known for his quality that he put into the product and affordability. He has been honored with the Padma shri and lifetime achievement award.

Mahashay lal Gulati will always remain alive in our hearts through MDH. He will be remembered for hard work and highly successful life.

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