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How to Prepare For Board Exams Coming this July


CBSE has released date sheet for exams of class X and XII starting for July 1, 2020. Those who have not seen it yet should check immediately if you have any exams pending. These exams will become very crucial for admissions in college for XII class students as many courses offer admission on merit basis. Class X was relieved earlier due to rumor about no exams but exams will be held.

How to prepare in such short time?

Time management and revision is the key to success. Time is short but enough for a proper go through and few days left for revision. If you have more than 2 exams left you need to give equal time to each subject before first exam. Keep 5 day before first exam for that particular subject only. Main thing now is to make a time table for each subject like if you have 3 exams you have 40 days left give 12 days to each subject last 4 days are left for first exams.

Class 10 and 12 have sample papers available on different websites and also on CBSE own website solving sample papers is best way to know your preparation if you can solve most questions you need revision is you are not able to solve enough for passing marks you need to devote more time to studies and less on other things. Sample papers are best thing because sometimes the paper we solve come in exam and we can get very good marks.

How to focus more on studies?

We have a lot of distractions like mobile, TV, computer these things need to be avoided maximum because we plan to use for few minutes but end up using for hours which is killing our limited time. Class 12 specially need to pay attention to this problem. Fix time for using gadgets like during lunch time or during dinner for 40 minutes or so what seems fit for your schedule.

Another thing is waking up early like 4 o clocks early morning is best time to study. It has been found by studies that we can remember more what we read in peaceful early morning environments.

Doing yoga and eating healthy diet like less junk food more green vegetables also increases memory. Yoga is best known solution for calming oneself and helps us to become more concentrated at what we do this along with good diet is a bliss. Students should drink plain milk instead of tea for proper energy and nutrition.

These are some tips to study better and get good grades in this stressful environment. All the best students may you all get good grades.

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