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How to control your craving for sweets

control your craving for sweets

We all go through this – that sudden urge to finish a box full of chocolates or eat up that entire piece of cake. We know it’s not going to benefit us in any way and we also end up feeling guilty after that but we just can’t control ourselves that very moment. We tell you how to deal with the devil called sweet tooth

Lower levels of sugar in your system, stress, dehydration and lack of exercise are some of the reasons most of us crave for sweet foods. Yes, you’ll eat right and exercise daily, your craving will certainly diminish.

Here’s how to tackle your sweet tooth before you finish the entire pack of ice-cream or a complete bar of chocolate

Don’t buy junk food

Avoid eating too much junk. If you feel tempted to buy a burger or a can of coke while passing by your favourite food joint, think twice before you go and buy it. Also, stock your refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables. Whenever, you feel like having something sweet, take a bowl of curd, add some fruits to it and satisfy your craving with a healthy alternative.

Start saying no habitual snacking

Are you used to having something sweet after lunch everyday? Do you feel theat strong urge to end your day with a bowl of chips or ice-cream while watching TV? Are you habituated to having 3 to 4 cookies every evening after tea? If your answer is yes to our questions, you need to break your habit.

Here’s how to do it without much difficulty:

-Skipping meals is a big no-no. If you are hungry, you will crave all the more and it will be difficult to control the urge.

-Keep yourself busy for 20 minutes from the time the craving strikes. 20 minutes is a good enough time for it to disappear.

-Drink more water. Water gives you a feeling of being full. You can drink one or two glasses of water when you feel the craving.

-If all else fails, brushing your teeth or chewing gum will make the food not taste as good, making you not wanting to eat it.

Eat more fruits

Fruits, apart from containing natural sugar, contains essential minerals and vitamins which are good for your health. Fruits are full of fiber and help you feel full because of the water content in it. Make a fruit salad and snack on it whenever you feel like eating something sweet. It will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also give you the necessary energy.

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