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How to banish knee and elbow wrinkles

How to banish knee and elbow wrinkles

Move over eyelid lifts, it’s time for knees and elbows to take centre stage in wrinkledom. The rarely discussed but equally exposed body parts are the latest to join the list of places that show signs of aging and have become a point of concern for celebs and socialites alike.

Actress Demi Moore, who otherwise seems to have found the fountain of youth, is said to have spent a whopping amount to take care of her knee wrinkles. Catherine Zeta Jones, too, has been criticised for her sagging knees by many tabloid and gossip magazines. While Pune-based plastic surgeon Dr Avinash Deodhar says that the wrinkles on the joints such as elbows and knees are necessary to help bend them, the sagging on these joints is a major no no for those trying to hide the signs of aging. Dr Geeta Desai, a dermatologist, adds, ” A lot of people are becoming more conscious about their hand beauty . Many of them are searching treatments which will improve their hand beauty . In this year elbow lifting treatment will get a huge importance.”

What causes these wrinkles?

Celebrity fitness expert Mickey Mehta explains that discoloration and sagging are part of neglect and drastic weight loss.”Elbows and knees are two spots that are ignored by most. These two areas also face wear and tear and tend to become, dry , wrinkled and thick with age and even at a younger age due to neglect. The constant rubbing of these areas against your clothes or by resting your elbows on a table or desk can result in discolouration and change in texture. Constant friction can cause the collagen and the elastic tissues to lose its elasticity causing wrinkling and sagging. Advancing age is not the only cause. It can happen to youngsters as well.”

Mehta adds that diets and drastic calorie deprivation can cause the skin to sag even on the elbows and knees. “Poor diets devoid of the essential nutrients like Vitamin A and C, minerals, proteins, good fats etc. cause a dip in collagen and elastin production, increasing your chances of wrinkled and sagging skin around those areas,” he informs, adding, “It is better to aim for a slow and steady weight loss with a sensible diet rich in the essential nutrients to keep your skin taut, to boost metabolism and ensure that you lose fat and not muscle.”

What can you do?

Mehta suggests a diet rich of healthy and sensible choice of foods like fruits, especially citrus fruits and berries, vegetables, sprouts, vegetable juices, whole grains, nuts, seeds. “These foods are rich in vital nutrients and anti-oxidants that help reduce oxidative stress and act as a perfect guard against aging, weakness and diseases. Food balances the inner forces to reverse the aging process,” he says. Mickey advises to stay away from tobacco and smoking.

“Toxins in smoke/tobacco destroy the elasticity of the skin, cause heart diseases and other degenerative conditions. Smoking also interferes with the absorption of Vitamin C and Calcium leading to weak bones and listless skin. Excessive sunlight too must be avoided. Too much exposure to the harsh rays of the sun can damage our skin and can cause premature wrinkling, promotes dryness and loss of elasticity of the skin,” he feels.

Medical help

For those who have already started suffering from these wrinkles, there are some spells and potion available with medical science that could magically get rid of those unflattering wrinkles.”There are a few procedures that can help age reversals in terms of wrinkles on your elbows and knees. Laser lift which uses the novel q switched laser system that helps to resurface smoothen lighten the skin and form new collagen that makes the wrinkled appearance better and gives a youthful and fuller appearance no downtime and simple procedure. Also, laser resurfacing with radio frequency pixel system helps in formation of new skin increased collagen and elastin for a younger skin and appreciated lift. Collagen ingectins can be given for fuller and lifted and youthful elbows.Vampire elbow lift can fill the elbows with growth factors prepared from your own blood for smoother contoured youthful and lifted elbows,” suggests Dr Desai.

Tips to avoid wrinkles on elbows & knees

Dr Desai advices ample use of moisturiser as well as regular exfoliation, “You must moisturise and exfoliate regularly. Try to use creams containing glycolic acid, lactic acid etc.which can help you with discoloration. Also creams and lotions that contain liquid paraffin or shea butter have moisturising properties that can keep your elbows and knees looking healthy.”

Adding to that Mickey informs, “Rub equal portion of cucumber and lemon juice on the affected areas. Leave it on for 30 minutes before washing off. You can also rub or massage in powerful moisturisers, shea butter or olive oil and antiaging creams or serums which have collagen stimulating ingredients like Retinol, Vitamin C etc. However use these after consulting a specialist. And more importantly, do not rest your elbows on the table often, to avoid discolouration.”

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