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How serious is lockdown due to corona virus


How serious is lockdown due to corona virus

Corona virus has become a major problem for the world. Developed countries like america, italy are struggling due to heavy case load. Steps taken by indian government and punjab government may seem harsh but are nessesary to fight the disease and prevent large number of cases like america which has over 4 lakh positive cases and deaths are more than 15000.

America has very advanced medical services but is unable to cope upto increasing number of cases. India has taken action against corona virus in form of lockdown and social distancing which has proven effective as we have 7000+ cases and 250+ deaths which is very low compared to italy, america.

Many people are not taking it seriously and continouosly going out of their houses without and work and exposed to risk of getting the virus and can spread it to their colony and their family. Nobody want to see their family suffering but still people are taking everything very lightly. Government is showing advertisement on tv about ways to prevent infection but still only few people are taking is condition as seriously as it is.

We are citizens of india and its our resposibility to listen to instructions of the government and prevent our family and known ones from going out. To be safe and keep our loved ones safe we need to follow lockdown very seriously and follow instructions of experts.

  • We should wash our hands for more than 20 seconds.
  • We should avoid going out untill emergency.
  • We should take this lockdown very seriously to be safe.
  • Avoid contact with unkown person.
  • If we find any money at front door like 200,500etc contact local police as it can be infectious.
  • Only buy nessesary goods from known shop.
  • Take this lockdown very seriously.
  • Always wear a mask going out.

Everyone this is the time to show unity in diversity and be safe from this deadly virus. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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