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Here’s how to take care of a new piercing

how to take care of a new piercing

Piercings have always been cool. But to take care of a new piercing can be a nightmare. Here, we give you simple tips on how to ensure that your new piercing does not give you trouble and heals quickly.

– Always opt for needles over a gun. Piercings done with silver rings heal much faster.
– Wash your hands thoroughly with an antiseptic soap or lotion every time you touch the piercing.
– Take some antiseptic cream on a spoon, melt it for two seconds over a flame, and apply it on the piercing.

– Rotate the ringstud, but only when it is wet and with a cream.

– Use soap and water to clean the wound.

– If there is swelling, apply ice over the piercing.

– While removing the crust, do not pick at it. Apply lotion on it and let it heal by itself.

– Don’t over-clean. Cleaning it twice a day is more than enough.

– Don’t play with the stud. Give it time to heal.

– Wait for the piercing to heal properly before changing the stud ring, especially if it is artificial.

– Take care to not hurt your piercing in any way .

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