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Guadalajara, Mexico Faced Heavy Hailstorm Yesterday

Climate change at our doorstep

Guadalajara Mexico

Guadalajara, Mexican city yesterday faced Sunday morning heavy hails. The city that was suffering from scorching heat for the past few weeks suddenly covered with 3ft of icy hails.

A resident of the Guadalajara are surprised and suffered damages. Which is certainly an extraordinary event especially receiving snow in summer.

Many are seeing it from the climate change perspective as this has never happened before. Some can be expected but 3ft is something outlandish. Vehicles, property have suffered huge damage.

cumulonimbus clouds are responsible for making hails, that cannot be expected in the summer season.

Past studies by various scientific data have shown it is very uncommon to have hailed in Mexico during summer time.

Mexico Guadalajara
Source – BBC

which clearly indicates the climate is changing.

Recently G20 summit has happened in Osaka, Japan. Where leaders from 20 big countries took part and discussed on various issues. That they have shared in their press release. What was missing in that are the talks or actions on climate change. No big leader including recently chosen world’s biggest democratic country leader Shri Narendra Modi said a word on it.

Events like this are happening in various part of the world. The water level is rising in the sea and groundwater are decreasing. Recently released NITI Ayog report has said that after 2020 India’s 21 cities will run out of groundwater.

If we look around in our local area, Pathankot has not received rain whole June month. Farmers are waiting for it eagerly. But no signs of it till now. Yesterday (1st July ) in the evening little shower may have provided some relief and today (2nd July) again the situation has become the same.

Governments, as well as the whole of mankind, will have to think about it. The temperature may not have touched the projected temperature i.e. 2°C but it is rising and soon it will if we don’t act now

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