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Google’s 10 billion dollar investment in India

A step to facilitate digitalization in India

With a vision to digitalize India, sunder pichai has announced a big investment of Rs 75000 crore through Google for the period of five to seven year. This will focus on making India a digitally empowered society with great technological advancement. The statement was heard through the Google annual event, held on online platform. This investment will mainly facilitate the growth of digitalization in India. With the penetration of mobile phones, the active internet user number has increased. This step will be promoting e-commerce development in India giving economy an upward positive trajectory. Below are the ways with which this investment can shine India at technological level.
The beginning of digital revolution has come forward with a lot of challenges. Some have been managed to a great extent and some need to be focused for full implementation. Thus, Google has planned a great strategy to curb all sort of friction with this investment.

Targets of the investment

• Language:

India, a nation with almost 1600 languages has a great problem of linguistic barrier. This barrier restricts various from understanding the full concept and use of technology. The non availability of local languages is very problematic for the one living at rural areas. On the other hand, Google has come up with all new investment to slash this barrier by enabling affordable access to information for every Indian in their own language.

• Diverse needs:

There is wide division in the needs of rural and urban. The requirements of urban people are different due to their daily routine as compared to the people living in rural areas. The diversified culture plays a great role here. Thus, Google has moved with a step to unify diversity through the building of new products and services relevant to the needs of Indians.

• E-commerce development:

The effect of pandemic on micro, small and medium enterprise is worst. This is a ray of hope in the darkness with an aim to develop e-commerce. Google has come forward to empower the local businesses through online platform. This will help various entrepreneurs to thrive leveling up the economy of nation.

• Advancement in technology and AI

India has just begun with digital revolution a few years back. Thus, need of advancement and proper utilization of artificial intelligence is still in process. Google has announced best use of artificial intelligence i.e. in social good. Mr. Pichai has shown the focus on agriculture and education sector in his words. This invests will going to trigger a proper revolutionized India on digital basis.

This is the second investment made by Google after the year 2015. It may prove as a heeling sensation after the ban of 59 Chinese apps. This step will mainly focus on the advancement in agriculture and entrepreneurship. Although, technology has proven to be the most expedient method to reach loved ones but still it’s processing is needed for digitalization of India. Let’s hope for e-commerce enhancement and economic development of the nation as favorable results.

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