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Five tips for growing long hair

tips for growing long hair

Most of us are worried about our hair not growing as much as we want it to. The reason might range from using too much of chemicals in the form of dyes, colors on in practicing too much of straightening or curling treatments for styling. This lack of care leads to breakage and prevents the hair from adequate growth. Take some time out and remember these five tips to grow long hair

Trim hair regularly
To avoid split ends, trim your hair regularly. Get the ends snipped every three months so as to increase the length of hair in the long run otherwise the split ends can go up to the roots to cause further damage.

Be gentle as you detangle
Remember your hair is very fragile and the strands can break, so use wide-toothed combs that don’t pull at your hair or strands of it when combing. Finger comb them in sections to detangle easily. If it is too tangled, start from the bottom of your hair and then work for smooth results upwards.

Avoid regular styling

Daily or regular styling, can lead to breakage so avoid them. Tie them in twists, buns, braids for the day and keep exclusive styling limited to special occasions.

Use the right accessories

While a large-tooth comb for dividing, parting and directing textured hair, a wide-tooth comb works well in detangling and distributing smoothing products to the hair and scalp. A wooden natural boar hairbrush is ideal for distributing nurturing oils to the temples and scalp. Also, use hair accessories that are gentle and don’t pull on your textured hair. Avoid tight headbands and rubber bands which might lead to more breakage of hair.

Take care of hair even while sleeping

To minimize the friction caused to your hair, sleep use a soft or satin pillowcase. You can also tie a scarf to your hair which will cause less friction, tangling and breakage of your hair as you sleep.

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