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Everything that you need to know about proteins


If you want to know more about proteins, here’s some that we list out for you

As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, the same way some amount of proteins a day keeps your body fit and fine. Your body definitely needs daily consumption of proteins


1. Protein is the key building block for the body’s Lean Body Mass (LBM), i.e. all metabolically active tissues (all organs and systems except adipose tissue) that combine to deliver performance

2. Nutritionist Dr Karishma Chawla says, “Maintaining and increasing LBM, is the prerequisite for a fitness enthusiast to improve his/her fitness components especially muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility and an ideal body composition.”

3. Protein is required for repair of all tissues that provide strength and structure to the body and form part of the body’s defense and regulatory systems: muscles, bones, connective tissue, skin, hair, immune system, hormones and enzymes

On what does our protein requirement depend on?

Total protein requirement depends on two factors:

1. The quantity of Lean Body Mass, LBM (kg)

2. The intensity of physical training

What is a protein supplement? A supplement means anything (nutrient) that aids a nutritional plan. It can be a protein supplement or vitamins, which are subjective to individual needs


Can Protein cause kidney stones?

NO, Excreting protein is natural work for kidney. Protein intake can’t damage a healthy kidney. Only with a pre-existing kidney problem, quantity of protein supplement used is limited

Can Protein cause liver damage?

NO, Metabolizing protein is natural work for the liver. Only with a liver problem for e.g. jaundice, protein is restricted

Can consumption of protein lead to hair fall?

NO, Hair is made of protein, Supplementing protein prevents deficiency and reduces hair fall

Can protein consumption lead to acne?

No, Skin is made of protein. Acne is due to hormonal imbalance

Are steroids and supplements the same?

NO, Steroids are drugs that increase testosterone levels beyond normal levels.

Supplements are natural nutrients (not a drug) like protein, carbs, amino acids and vitamins.

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