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England World Cup – No Super Over in Final Match

Lord’s London

England Lords

England, after beating Bangladesh Indian team has successfully qualified for the semi-finals. And the way team India is playing there is no doubt that India will surely qualify for the finals.

So it becomes important for you to know about it.

As we all have experienced in previous matches how rain spoiled some of the matches. And how frequently rain happens in England. It is very much evident that rain may happen in semis or in finals.

What ICC has decided this year that if rain happens then for that they have kept reserve day. But the match will not restart.

On the other hand, the match will continue from the same point from where the match has stopped on its previous day

And if

Rain will continue for the reserve day then in semis, the team that was ranked higher during the league stage qualifies for the final.

And in case of final

If rain washes out the match and reserved by then both teams will be declared WINNERS

For now, India is at 2nd position in point table and playing with Sri Lanka today. And the way they are taking the match, it is most likely that they will come out with flying colours and will be Waterloo for Sri Lanka.

If that happens then India will top the position in point table. Moreover, this will increase its chances of becoming a world champion.

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