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Easy tips to increase your breast size without surgery

Easy tips to increase your breast size without surgery

If you feel you are one of those who is not well endowed enough in the breast department, don’t lose heart.

Here are some natural and simple things you can incorporate in your daily routine which will increase your breast since without any surgery.

Include foods like flax seeds, fennel seeds and fenugreek in your diet. Legumes, soya bean in particular too is very helpful.

Massaging your breasts at least twice a day helps to increase blood circulation. This leads to the flow of hormones to help increase their size. Use cod liver oil or mustard oil for massage.

Consult a trainer for proper exercises which can make your breasts more big and firm. There are also specific exercises in yoga which can help you concentrate on strengthening the chest muscles.

Select the right bra
Wearing the correct bra like a padded or push up bra can enhance the size of your breasts by giving that added push which is required to make them look full and shapely.

Wear proper clothes
Wear tops and shirts with frills and ruffles on the chest area which will give small breasts a fuller appearance. High neck tops or clothes with stripe designs on the chest can also make the bust look fuller. Bright colored tops make the chest area stand out.

Use make-up
For an evening out, if you are wearing cleavage revealing clothes, accentuate the curves of your breast by using make-up. A darker shade of foundation can make the breasts appear larger.

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