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Diya Kumari BJP Member of Parliament Claims Ram Her Forefather

Erstwhile Princess of Jaipur

Diya Kumari BJP MP

Diya Kumari, Rajsamand MP and erstwhile princess of Jaipur on her latest bite claimed that her family is a direct descendant of Lord Rama Son. And to prove her point she is willing to provide evidence. Her claim has come into light after Supreme Court asked about any descendant of Lord Ram family.

A five Judge Constitution bench headed by chief justice Ranjan Gogoi had asked a senior lawyer
“We are just wondering if anyone from the ‘Raghuvansha’ dynasty is still living there (at Ayodhya),”

As to expedite the process the Supreme Court has decided to hear the case on a daily basis. Firstly it was decided that only three days in a week will hear the case. But later it has been extended to five days a week.
Her exact words were

“My family is the descendant of Lord Rama. My father was the 309th descendant of Lord Rama. We have documents that show that we descended from Kush, Lord Rama’s son. We belong to the Kushwaha of the Kachhawa clan,”

Many have started trolling her on social media. But the question is what Diya Kumari is trying to claim is true or there is some political angle in it.

Diya Kumari to ANI

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