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Cafe Coffee Day Owner VG Siddhartha Found Dead

Tax Terrorism victim

VG Siddhartha, Cafe Coffee Day owner and son in law of former Chief Minister of Karnataka SM Krishna is missing since Monday evening.
Police have launched massive search operation but his missing news panicked all his relatives and friends.

What has happened so far
According to media reports, his driver with whom he was travelling before going missing has said that Siddhartha got off from his car near a bridge on the Nethravathi River near Mangalore which is around 375km from Bangalore.
Although his driver also said that at the time when they were in Banglore, V G Siddhartha asked to take him Sakleshpur. But later at Mangalore circle, he said, drive to Mangalore. And near bridge asked to slow down as he has to get the call coming on his cell phone. When after some time he did not come back to his car driver got panicked and called on his cell phone. Which made him more concerned as the phone signal was out of reach. He then informed the family and through them, police gets the official missing report.

Alleged Letter by V G Siddhartha
There is also letter circulating in media reportedly written by Siddhartha has many down pouring lines and not indicating the good result. In that alleged letter, he can be understood, how much pressure he is facing in his business. He is also claiming that one of his investors forcing him to buy back shares which he sold a few months back. And moreover, he also talked about income tax department raids and “tax terrorism”. How officials are putting pressure on him, and now that pressure has erupted it has made him do something undesirable.

Police Investigation
Now what police is doing, they are trying to trace the person he was talking on the phone as well as tracks that driver said they followed. The dog squad using sniffers had stopped at the centre of the bridge and due to the very same reason police have been an inquiring fisherman as they had looked something and also looking into the water.

S M Krishna
Though S M Krishna not very active in politics, a former congressman who last to last year joins BJP has a vast range of friends and family. From Former Prime MinisterHaradanahalli Doddegowda Deve Gowda to current and newly incumbent Chief Minister B. S.Yeddyurappa has paid a visit to him.

VG Siddhartha Cafe Coffee Day owner made this company from nothing. It is a black day for people who has a dream like him.


CCD owner VG Siddartha Found Dead On Wednesday Morning in Nethravathi River, Police has Recovered Body

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