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Bring the tricolour to your home

Bring the tricolour to your home

Why restrict the hues of the flag to your makeup? Set an example and show your patriotic side by doing up the interiors of your house in the same colour shade.

Tricoloured upholstery
The best way to introduce the tricolour in your home is by way of getting upholstery in green, saffron, white and blue. Khaki linens look the best in colours like green and white. You can alternatively pair these with cushions in blue and saffron. If you wish to experiment a bit further, you can also have plain white linen sprayed with colours like green, orange and blue and have that either as a diwan cover or as your bedspread.


Do not restrict yourself to trying out these colours only by introducing them as part of your upholstery. You can also have curtains in shades like green, orange, white and blue or have a mix of all these hues.


If you want to go a step further, you can also have lights in your house in green or fluorescent. In case you do not wish to have ‘only green’ lights in your home, you can alternatively have tiny bulbs with shades of green and blue put up nicely across the curtains in your pad.

Pretty props
Upholstery is not the only way to have your house decorated with the tricolour. These days, a lot of pretty props are available in the market which are available in these shades. For example, you can have an orange flower pot and have a plant inside it placed in your living area. Or you can also have home decorations put up in your living area or bedroom in these shades.

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